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Back in Yogya

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Dear Visitor,

the requested language file couln’t be found. The author of this text is not sure if he want’s to type everything in two languages, just one language or mix them both in order to confuse everyone but english speaking germans. Until a decision has been made the english version might be written with less love and passion than the german one. This might not be the case if the english text was written before the german version. However, if you volunteer to copy write for me please get in touch. Ok, what I wanted to say is this: Last weekend we’ve been back to Yogya, mainly because of a wedding (as always: I usually don’t know the people who are getting married), but also to hang out a bit and get away from Jakarta. It was very nice! I like Yogya a lot. After the wedding we rented a scooter and started cruising around a bit, went to a very nice museum called Ullen Sentalu Museum, which is about the royal families of the Yogya region, and then to a very weird castle that you also should visit when you’re in the Area. The castles name is: whatch out: here it comes: The Lost World Caste and it’s more like a Lost Mind Castle as it has optical Illusions, Dinosaurs, Cowboys, Game Of Thrones and what not. So you should visit it, you’ll also be the only Non-Indonesian visitor. Okay, read you later! And don’t forget to watch the Video…

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