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Pakistan – Dancing Horse Time!

Marcel at a Hindu Temple dressed like a Pakistani

Oh Pakistan, you beautiful monster! You’re never disappointing! (See what happened earlier here) Everybody loves horses When I dropped my hard disk at the data recovery place, one of the guys from the next door office (it goes without saying that I was a real attraction in the building and they ordered food for me …

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Obercrinitz am Tag – my (our) first short movie

It looks like slowly my video skills are getting better… Theres still a lot to learn, many mistakes to be made, many occasions to be angry about yourself but I have the feeling, that I’m on a good way. 4 years ago Mett and myself started our first attempt to make something like a short …

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Back in Yogya

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Dear Visitor, the requested language file couln’t be found. The author of this text is not sure if he want’s to type everything in two languages, just one language or mix them both in order to confuse everyone but english speaking germans. Until a decision has been made the english version might be written with …

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What’s that noise?! New video series!

Hi Guys, I decided to get a bit creative with videos and came up with the idea of making short portraits of people/places/bands/whatever, that I come across in my travels and that are connected with music in any way, so it’s gonna be a series about music lovers such as myself. I’m a bit proud …