I’m in Pakistan

Faisla Moschee im Sonnenuntergang

Due to some weird visa issues I “had” to come to Pakistan, was that a good idea? Well, I think so yes! Everyone asked me these kind of questions: Pakistan? Are you serious? Is it safe there? Will you get killed? Why do you want to go to Pakistan? Ich mit Polizei und KnarreThe answers to these questions should be in some videos I edited already, but then something bad happened. I had all Pakistan files on my new hard disk when I decided it’s a good idea to ride a motorcycle 2000km to the northern areas of Pakistan (it was a good idea), but the hard disk didn’t think so. Me with my bike on the famous Karakoram HighwayAfter I came back from the North I wanted to copy all my video and photo files over to the hard disk when – it didn’t connect to my computer. I tried different computers and eventually went to a data recovery company. They said theres some physical damage to my hard disk… The data can be recovered but it needs a clean room environment and some technician to sacrifice the exact same model to recover my data. Ich mit kaputter FestplatteWell I said, how much would that be? 500USD. 500USD? What? No thanks, that’s not worth it. So I lost a big chunk of my Pakistan data, all the stuff from Islamabad, Lahore and Multan. That’s life. Theres a chance I get some of the stuff back as a friend copied my files over in Lahore. We will see…

So how is Pakistan?Markt in einem Bergdorf in Pakistan

Other than that, Pakistan is amazing! The food is great, the people are nice and the whole experience is just great. I didn’t know much about Pakistan, only that it’s image in the world is not the best but the people here are so friendly, open and helpful that you can’t come here and not like it. The only thing that I find weird is that fact, that arranged marriages are not jsut normal, but the norm. I was asked the question: So you have only love marriage? Really? It is very separated here, men don’t mingle with women outside of their family so a lot of guys don’t even know how to talk to a girl or peoperly behave. That’s also why my contact with women is very minimal.  Some people like me might prefer the peacefull north to the hustling and bustling south, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s great to be here. I even overstayed my visa because I didn’t want to leave yet. From 5000 years old ruins to the second highest peak in the world (K2), theres everything here and everyone can find something to do. I became a big fan of this country! I’m working on the remaining video files and will be uploading something to Youtube soon!

Hängebrücke im Hunzatal

Familie im Hunza Tal

Ich vor der Faislal Moschee in Islamabad

Kinder in Besham

Indus im Hunzatal


Pakistanischer Obstverkäufer

Pakistanischer LKW

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  1. Hahaha. Sorry for your data. Hopefully you will get it back soon. I must say you are quite a good observer. Besides, we truly welcome our foreign friends to come and analyze by themselves that how simple and modest the Nation of Pakistan is!

  2. Nice to talk with you. Good luck for your hard drive. Stay blessed. Have a awesome and safe journey. ..


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